Sunday, June 13, 2021

[VIDEO] Customer Taking His $500K to Lowes After He’s Attacked by “Mask Nazis” at Home Depot

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The mask police have really gone too far. These mask mandates are becoming downright disturbing at this point.

For all the people with actual breathing issues and other conditions that prevent them from wearing masks – any empathy or understanding for them has gone flying out of the window and businesses’ are now refusing service to literally anyone based on their “policies.”

And this is exactly what happened to a general contractor who has shopped at his local Home Depot for the past 15 years – however, he was quickly given the bootski when he stated that he was unable to wear a mask.

But they didn’t just kick him out, they also forced all their cashiers to refuse to serve him, and shut down the entire self-checkout aisle, and threatened to call the police. All because he didn’t wear a mask.

Unbelievable. People have lost their damn minds. Understandably, this gentleman was completely flabbergasted by this insane behavior and told the Home Depot employees that he’ll be moving his contracting business, which has a $500,000 account at the store, over to their competitor Lowes.

I don’t blame him one bit.

Watch the video:

Good for this guy! It’s time that people start taking a stand against these unrelenting mandates.

At this point, we’re over a year into this virus and if someone is physically unable to wear one then just let them be.

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