Thursday, July 29, 2021

[VIDEO] Brit Hume Issues Dire Warning to Dems “There’s a Backlash Coming “

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Brit has an ominous warning for Dems….Backlash is coming

There’s a day of reckoning coming for Dems.

They’re already seeing the tip of the iceberg in Texas with the latest run-off election.

Dems thought that they had it in the bag since President Trump only won district 6 by 3 points.

They pointed at Romney’s win by 17 points in that district and believed it was now “competitive”

But that’s hooey – Dems flooded Texas with mail-in ballots, and we all know Trump won it by a heck of a lot more than 3, especially when you look at what happened in the run-off election where Republicans won by nearly is 25 percentage points.

That’s an awful big shift in just a few month’s time, right? More proof the 2020 election was a total sham.

But something else happened in Texas, and that’s what Brit Hume is more focused on.

It’s the battle between parents and “Critical Race Theory” that is being taught in schools. “Critical Race Theory” is basically a racist and communist curriculum that teaches kids to hate America, and now that American moms and dads are aware of it, they’re battling back…in a BIG WAY.

Brit says that the left is about to face yet another “backlash” and it’s coming from American parents – and it’s gonna be a tsunami.

You can watch the video below:

Americans do not want the radical woke agenda.

We don’t want it in our sports and we don’t want it in our entertainment, and we sure as hell don’t want it in our schools.

And think about this – if we’re soundly rejecting this communist agenda on every front – sports ratings are in the toilet, as are the ratings for Hollywood awards shows – then why on earth would 82+ million Americans have supposedly voted for that same radical agenda on November 3d?

It doesn’t add up. None of this does.

But the fight continues and as long as we can keep the Dems cheating at bay, we will have a huge victory in 2024.

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