Thursday, July 29, 2021

VIDEO: Antifa Smashes Vehicles, Targets Anyone with American Flag in Oregon

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Despite the media’s obsession with right-wing radicals, radical activists are currently walking the streets of Salem, Oregon’s capital, burning cars and targeting anyone wearing an American flag.

Andy Ngo tweeted, “Antifa smashes up more cars at the protest at the Oregon state Capitol.” “They’re going after every car that has a US flag on it.”

This was in reaction to recent allegations of the same illegal activity.

Ngo tweeted, “Antifa blow up a man’s truck at the Oregon state Capitol in Salem.” “He draws a pistol and is apprehended by responding officers.”

“Another viewpoint of the detained man. “#Antifa vandalized his vehicle, surrounded him, and pepper-sprayed him,” Ngo wrote on Twitter.

After pepper-spraying the guy, one of the miscreants yelled, “F*** you, Proud Boy!”

On Sunday, Antifa targeted some.

The Salem police department had previously responded to a terrorist attack.

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