Saturday, May 15, 2021

Utah paper actually compares black Republican Congressman to the KKK

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The Salt Lake Tribune and cartoonist white Pat Bagley actually compared black Utah Congressman, Burgess Owens, to the KKK over comments he made about how Democrats are running the southern border:

How disgusting. They might as well just call Owens and ‘Uncle Tom’ and get it over with, because they are essentially making him out to be a traitor to his race with such a despicable comparison.

What Owens said that is triggering the left so hard is this:

“Believe me, the borders are open right now,” Owens, R-Utah, said, during his trip to McAllen, Texas. “We are seeing every single day, people coming here and within hours getting on a train or a plane and going to your neighborhood. So, no Americans, this isn’t a border issue anymore. They are coming to your neighborhoods, not knowing the language, not knowing the culture, and there is a cartel influence along the way. So be aware, don’t think this is a distance from you now, this is coming your way and it is done on purpose by a party who could care less about we the people.”

He’s absolutely right. This isn’t just a border issue anymore. Democrats are allowing illegals to flood into the country in droves hoping that it will give them a new voting base that will keep them in power. That’s what this is all about.

And Owens is right to point out that there may be a cartel influence at work here, given that it’s the cartel who got many of them here in the first place. They could very well be coercing some of their former customers to be drug mules for them, you know, if they don’t want anything to happen to their family and friends still south of the border.

Several Utah Congressmen have come to Owens’ defense with this statement demanding a retraction and an apology, including Chris Stewart and Senator Mike Lee:

Of course, the cartoon author Pat Bagley is claiming this is defaming him or something…

That’s ridiculous. How is this defaming him? The cartoon speaks for itself, both obviously and bluntly.

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